Proven technology

Teylor SaaS can be configured for every thinkable financing product and process. Below are some examples where the Teylor solution has already been successfully deployed

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Digital SME Loans

Agricultural Lending


Digital SME Loans

A leading German bank has digitized the entire onboarding, risk assessment, document and contract management for its SME loans in just a few weeks.

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Bank customers can now apply for an SME loan completely digitally on the bank's website, and the bank can manage all processes digitally and mostly automatically in the background.

10 minutes

Customers receive a quote immediately after submitting an application, instead of waiting six weeks for their bank as before.

90 percent

The bank was able to reduce its processing costs by 90 percent through automation.

Happy Customers

70 percent of all customers take out further financing and remain loyal to the bank in the long term.