Automated text recognition for financial documents

A specialized OCR software to automatically read financial data from documents: Increase your efficiency, cut costs and speed up data processes

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Your Benefits

Free up human ressources

With FinCR, employees no longer have to spend hours manually transferring financial data from scanned documents to other systems, and can instead focus on more productive activities.

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Operational efficiency

Manual data entry is time-consuming and error-prone. With FinCR, you can collect data from financial statements faster while improving data accuracy and customer service.

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Cost savings up to 90%

FinCR enables cost savings of up to 90% through automation and digital data processes, making your business more profitable and competitive.

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A proven technology

FinCR is a tried and tested technology developed by Teylor, the leading provider of credit technology in Europe. We use FinCR in-house and financial institutions use the software for their data processing.

As FinCR processes thousands of datasets daily, we continuously improve the technology and adjust it to the requirements of a changing market environment.

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The leading OCR technology for text recognition of financial data

FinCR was purpose-built for the text recognition of financial data, for example to read annual financial statements or bank statements. FinCR makes financial data machine-readable, completely replacing manual data entry.

Teylor has been using the technology for two years and has used it to process loan applications worth billions of euros. Financial institutions rely on FinCR as a key component of the Teylor SaaS suite, which financial service providers use to digitize and automate their lending and banking processes.

FinCR can be set up either via a browser-based interface or via an API interface so that it works in conjunction with existing software solutions. It reads a variety of document formats such as PDF, image formats or scans and translates the financial data into machine-readable formats such as CSV, XML or JSON.

Using modern artificial intelligence, FinCR enables improvements in efficiency, accuracy and speed and creates potential cost savings of up to 90%.

With FinCR you can free up your employees' time and allocate these resources to activities for which people are indispensable. This will improve your productivity, customer service, employee satisfaction and profit margin. Register today and take your company one step further into the digital age.

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FinCR Security

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Certified & tested

Software development at Teylor AG follows the strict standards of the Swiss software industry. Our data centers are located in Germany and follow ISO27001 and C5 standards.

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Encrypted Data

All data is encrypted with AES-256 algorithms before, during and after data transmission. This ensures maximum data security and compliance with the relevant data protection laws of Switzerland, Germany and the EU.

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Customer service

Our trained experts are available to support you with the implementation and the ongoing maintenance of FinCR. Should you encounter any difficulties, simply give us a call or send us an email.

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