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A credit analysis toolkit for anyone to analyse any company

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Reducing credit risks
Use credit data on borrowers, customers or business partners to assess the risks of extended payment terms or loan agreements
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Automated compliance
Automatically pull compliance data from external sources to create one single report providing a holistic view on your business partners
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Competitive advantage
Gain a competitive advantage by having access to unique decision-enabling data from multiple public and non-public sources
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Credit data on business partners

Teylor provides credit data for every registered company in Germany, enabling you to make better lending decisions. B2B suppliers can set payment terms with customers according to their creditworthiness. Lenders, leasing and factoring providers can reduce their credit default risks and improve risk pricing.

Teylor rates the creditworthiness of businesses using the same proven risk scoring mechanism used on the Teylor lending platform. Analyst Toolkit users benefit from Teylor's extensive experience in financing German SMEs and a proven technology used by many banks throughout Europe.

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Comprehensive compliance reports

Get compliance reports with comprehensive credit & business intelligence data with just one click. All data is machine-readable for automated credit checks, KYC/AML processes or other purposes. Reports are compliant with all relevant German, Swiss and European data and privacy regulations.

We continuously upgrade our reporting tools to incorporate new data requirements such as ESG data and leverage new tools such as artificial intelligence to improve the quality of our analysis.

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Holistic view for better decisions

The quality of your data determines the quality of your decisions. We analyse millions of data points from public registries, credit bureaus and rating agencies. We analyze company data such as balance sheets or supplier databases, and we leverage internal data collected through the Teylor platform.

All this data allows us to create a holistic view of a company's creditworthiness and compliance profile that no other data provider can deliver.

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